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Tough Chewers, Meet Your Match: The Best Chew Toys for Strong Chewers

Help! My dog has torn up another one of my shoes!

It’s one of the most common things we hear from our clients. They have a new puppy who won’t stop chewing everything in site!

While chewing is a perfectly normal behavior for dogs of every age, it can be quite aggravating to come home and find the remote to the television in hundreds of tiny pieces. Chewing can certainly be a nuisance but it helps keep jaws strong and teeth clean.

Buying the right chew toy can be a balancing act. When your dogs go to chewing, their instincts take over. If they can’t destroy it, they won’t want it. It is for this reason that the perfect chew toy will never exist. If it’s too durable, your dog will reject it, or worse, break a tooth. Too soft, and you are cleaning up a mess and back to the drawing board. The goal is not to find a chew toy that your dog will never destroy, but rather one that will last as long as possible.

We also hear from customers who use solid bones or antlers but you should be careful. Antlers and bones have the ability to splinter and the rough edges that are left can cause tissue damage to the tongue and gums. If they break, they can become lodged in your dog’s throat or worse, swallowed and cause an internal bleeding problem – Trust us, our x-ray machine stays busy.

While texture and durability are certainly things you will want to consider, the most important may be the size of the chew toy. A safe chew toy is always wider than your dog’s mouth. This will prevent swallowing and a possible vet visit.

Before we dive in, remember that all dog toys have risks. This is why they all include safety warnings. Before you give your dog a new chew toy, make sure you know how they will handle the new toy and keep an eye on them whenever they begin chewing. Keep reading to see a few of the products that we keep in our home to keep our pets out of the dog-house.


Benebone Chew Toy
The Benebone Wishbone

The Wishbone design was the original Benebone to hit the market in 2012. Since then, the design has been copied by many other companies in the nylon bone market. The Wishbone is the flagship for Benebone. It’s easy for dogs to hold and with flavors like bacon, peanut butter, and chicken infused throughout, it is sure to keep your pet busy!

Benebone Fishbone
The Benebone Fishbone

Personally, we could not mention the Benebone without bringing up the Fishbone design. This is our pets favorite and can be found lying on a rug in just about every room of our house. We don’t know if it is the unique design or the jack salmon flavor but our dogs don’t want to put it down.

GoughNuts Rubber Chew Toys

Rubber Chew Toy
The Goughnuts Rubber Chew Ring

If nylon bones are not for your dog, many other pets are moving to rubber chew toys. When it comes to rubber chew toys it doesn’t get better than Goughnuts. These guys use the same rubber used by astronauts! This engineered rubber give it just the right texture and a unique durability that lasts.

Rubber Training Stick
The Goughnuts Training Stick

They describe it as “The last chew toy you will ever need”. It is by far one of the most durable chew toys on the market today and the Goughnuts company backs that up with a LIFETIME warranty! We love this companies products and the fact that they are all made right here in the USA. You can’t go wrong with Goughnuts!

Buster Brand Chew Toys

Best Chew Toys for Strong Chewers
Buster Sensory Ball

The buster sensory ball is a fun and safe toy for your pets. Made from a TPR rubber composite, it is durable enough to last. It’s brightly colored, floats on water, and squeaks when your pup bites down. With three distinct textures, it is sure to keep puppies interested for hours on end.

Dog Tennis Ball and Rope
Buster Tuggaball

A classic for strong chewers, the Buster Tuggaball hits the mark. The texture of the rope, while being gentle, also provides a mechanical cleaning effect for your pet’s teeth. The tennis balls make the toy extra exciting and fun to throw and retrieve.

KONG Dog Toys & Treats

Kong Dog Toy
Kong Classic Chewer

Finally, it is hard to beat the classic lineup of chew toys from Kong. Kong has long been considered the gold standard for developing toys that not only promote the physical development of your pets, they also stimulate mental development. Paired with treats, Kong products can help solve problems with chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, digging, and barking!

Kong Treat Paste
Kong Dog Treat Paste

With tons of delicious flavors, Kong’s treat paste will make most chewing products even more appealing to your pups. This stuff is absolutely irresistible.

As with anything else, monitor your dogs habits closely when introducing anything new. Make sure to remove the toy as soon as it begins to fail or no longer provides the enjoyment it once did. You want to keep your pet stimulated and making a switch to a new toy can be the perfect move to reinforcing good habits.

Our mission is to provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision when purchasing products for your pets. To support this effort, this page may contain affiliate links. When affiliate links are used, we earn a commission for qualifying purchases – at no expense to our readers.

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